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ROOST products are versatile.  Our ROOST Support System has been designed to give you maximum versatility for all rooftop support applications such as pipe, conduit, cable trays, rooftop walkways, solar, HVAC and refrigeration.


ROOST products are made with 100% recycled rubber. Our products protect the roof membrane, dampen vibration, are UV resistant and will outlast your roof.  Our blocks have been designed with a drainage channel to aid water flow and will not float away. As an added safety feature a reflector is available on most models.


ROOST products are strong. ROOST meets or exceeds the published load bearing capacity rating.


ROOST products use pre-galvanized strut channels so they won't rust.  Any universal strut channel can be applied to ROOST blocks and we offer as standard the following two strut channels:

  • 14g strut 1 5/8” x 13/16” pre-galvanized slotted Strut

  • 12g strut 1 5/8” x 1 5/8” pre-galvanized slotted Strut


A large variety of pipe clamps, conduit clamps and hangers, as well as adjustable hinge fittings, are readily available.

Roost Systems is a registered Trade Mark in the USA.

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